Introducing Our Ginger & Turmeric CSA

When you participate in our Ginger & Turmeric CSA you are purchasing a share in our 2019 fresh baby ginger and turmeric harvest which begins in October 2019. Late winter is the time of year when we purchase premium certified organic, disease-free seed for next year's crop. Purchasing a share helps us cover the early production costs of our unique product and guarantees you access to the freshest, locally grown turmeric and ginger. 


CSA Benefits:

First access to the harvest.

With limited production space, we are sure to sell out of these nutrient dense superfoods. Our CSA members are guaranteed a portion of the harvest in advance.

Priority ordering and quantity discounts on additional turmeric purchases.

Your CSA membership entitles you to first access to additional ginger/turmeric above and beyond your share amount, before we offer it to the general public. We also offer a bulk discount to our members.

1 lb. CSA share = $15


Ginger comes from the root of a flowering plant utilized widely in the tropics. It’s used as both a culinary flavor enhancer and for its multiple medicinal effects.

Our Ginger is available as fresh baby rhizomes. With no skin to speak of, this potent form is easy to incorporate into soups, stir-fries, sauces, juices, teas and candies.


Turmeric is a bright yellow spice that is closely related to ginger. Originally from India, it’s used for cooking and its medicinal benefits.

Our Turmeric is available as fresh baby rhizomes. This tender, milder tasting, “fiber free”, thin skinned turmeric is ideal for cooking, juices, teas and candies.